Battered Women's Shelter Brochures & Street Cards

The Battered Women's Shelter of Summit & Medina Counties is located in Akron, Ohio. Akron has a diverse population ranging from Arabic speakers to Spanish speakers because of its acceptance of refugees outside of the U.S. While Akron celebrates cultural diversity, the intake of refugees from around the world presents a unique situation in the community. Domestic violence within families is a problem for any community, but is amplified for families who are unfamiliar with the language and culture of the U.S. Individuals often do not know of the resources available to them because of the language barrier. The goal of the Battered Women's Shelter was then to reach out using languages and images relevant to those communities so that individuals can get help or inspire community members and leaders to help someone they know. Brochures and Street Cards were designed in 5 different languages with the help of translators to ensure text is understood and that terms were culturally relevant. A special feature required for street cards was the ability for a user to conceal vital information from their abuser(s). To do this, Mooney Design suggested a distinctive solution, a perforated section smaller than a business card that can be quickly torn from the main card and concealed. I would like to personally thank the BWS for the opportunity to utilize my design abilities to help the community.

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